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SLP 2/2-Way, Brass, Pilot Operated Solenoid Valve, Normally Closed

SLP 2/2-Way, Brass, Pilot Operated Solenoid Valve, Normally Closed

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Body Material: Forged Brass
Ambient Temperature: 0°C - 65°C
Fluids Temperature: 0°C - 130°C
Liquid Max Pressure: 16 Bar
Gas Max Pressure: 16 Bar
Seals: EPDM

Flow as arrow, mounts in any position
Best position is solenoid vertical and upright direction.

Part Code Size Coil Orifice (mm) CV Factor Dimensions (LxWxH)
SLP1DF**E1C13 3/8" 13 4.5 66x48x107
SLP1DF**E1C13 C/W D 24 VDC
SLP1DF**E1C12 C/W D04-3104 24 VAC
SLP1DF**E1C12 C/W D04-3102 110 VAC
SLP1DF**E1C12 C/W D04-3101 220 VAC
SLP1DF**E1D13 1/2" 13 4.5 66x48x107
SLP1DF**E1D13 C/W D04-3106 24 VDC
SLP1DF**E1D13 C/W D04-3104 24 VAC
SLP1DF**E1D13 C/W D04-3102 110 VAC
SLP1DF**E1D13 C/W D04-3101 220 VAC
SLP1DF**E1E20 3/4" 20 7.6 75x58x112
SLP1DF**E1E20 C/W D04-6106 24 VDC
SLP1DF**E1E20 C/W D04-6104 24 VAC
SLP1DF**E1E20 C/W D04-6102 110 VAC
SLP1DF**E1E20 C/W D04-6101 220VAC
SLP1DF**E1G25 1" 25 12 96x80x131
SLP1DF**E1G25 C/W D04-3106 24 VDC
SLP1DF**E1G25 C/W D04-3104 24 VAC
SLP1DF**E1G25 C/W D04-3102 110 VAC
SLP1DF**E1G25 C/W D04-3101 220 VAC
SLP1DF**E1H35 1.1/4" 35 22 131x96x146
SLP1DF**E1H35 C/W D04-3106 24 VDC
SLP1DF**E1H35 C/W D04-3104 24 VAC
SLP1DF**E1H35 C/W D04-3102 110 VAC
SLP1DF**E1H35 C/W D04-3101 220 VAC
SLP1DF**E1J40 1.1/2" 40 30 131x96x146
SLP1DF**E1J40 C/W D04-3106 24 VDC
SLP1DF**E1J40 C/W D04-3104 24 VAC
SLP1DF**E1J40 C/W D04-3102 110 VAC
SLP1DF**E1J40 C/W D04-3101 220 VAC
SLP1DF**E1K50 2" 50 48 165x120x167
SLP1DF**E1K50 C/W D04-3106 24 VDC
SLP1DF**E1K50 C/W D04-3104 24 VAC
SLP1DF**E1K50 C/W D04-3102 110 VAC
SLP1DF**E1K50 C/W D04-3101 220 VAC
SM Low Watt Coils available via the selection box. Part codes for low watt coils start with SM rather than D04
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