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1/4" G Regulator with Gauge

1/4" G Regulator with Gauge

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F.R.L. module unit is a standard series that the major dimensions (width/depth) are compactly designed and unified per filter (F/M), regulator (R), and lubricator (L), etc., seeking ultimate performance in all of functionality, operation, maintainability, an safety, etc.

Standard modular design: Compact modular design whose major dimensions such as filters, regulators, and lubricator, etc., are unified.



  • Hybrid materials: Aluminum is provided for the body, and the resin for the cover. Light weight and also durable.
  • Supplying various clean air: Supplying clean air and oil free air, etc., according to applications/purposes.
  • Various combination: Combination is enables according to applications.
  • Long Service life element: Clogging is dramatically eliminated due to original chemical fiber structure.

Technical Data:

  • Maximum operating pressure: 10 bar
  • Temperature range: 5- 60° C
  • Pressure range: 0.5-8.5 bar
  • Air connection: 1/4" BSP female thread
  • Max Air flow: 1400 l/min
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