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Flexible Rubber Joint

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Body Materials: EPDM composites/natural rubber /NBR/PTFE/ silicone rubber
Steel ring Materials: Carbon steel
Flanged Materials: Carbon steel
Applicable medium:Water,air, oil
Suitable temperature:-15°C to 80°C
Application field: Municipal construction, chemical industry, water treatment, electricity, petroleum, water supply and drainage, water conservancy projects.

Product advantages:

1.Flange and rubber ball wear less
The radian of flange inner forged surface is 67 degrees, which reduces the damage caused by friction between flange and rubber ball by more than 95%.

2.Flange is not easy to rust
Flange after baking paint treatment, in the humid environment is not easy to rust.

3.Increased tightness by 10%.

4.Longer life
Rubber joint flanges adopt standard flanges, the service life is increased more than 5 years.

5.The content of EPDM is higher
EPDM rubber balls, containing more than 40% of rubber, longer than conventional rubber life.

6.High seismic coefficient
Rubber ball added steel wire, anti - twist, anti - seismic coefficient increased 10%.

7.Exceed national standards
The number of rubber ball inner lining exceeds the standard requirement.

8.Prevent the ball from pulling
The thickness of both ends of the rubber ball increased by 10mm, and the steel ball was added to prevent the ball from pulling.

9.Better sealing effect
The rubber ball is connected with German waterline and the sealing effect is improved by 30%.